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    Is the Senate Climate Bill Right for You?

    Handy Quiz: Is the climate bill right for you?

    Is the recently released senate climate bill right for you? Take the quiz below to assess where you stand on the recently announced Kerry-Lieberman climate bill, AKA "The American Power Act." The bill's intent is "To secure the energy future of the United States, to provide incentives for the domestic production of clean energy technology, to achieve meaningful pollution reductions, to create jobs, and for other purposes." It sounds like there's something for everyone, right? At almost a thousand pages, there should be! But opinions vary. In trying to placate enough constituents to get a viable bill, a lot of trade-offs have been made. Can you accept them?

    Innovate, Baby, Innovate

    If car manufacturers were presented with a ten year challenge: to increase fuel efficiency by 20% on every car, do you think they could do it? I think they could...and quite easily I might add. For those with a more laissez-faire attitude, it is worth noting that automobile design is already highly regulated: from seat belts, to brake lights, to bumper design. These rules are all made in the name of safety. Air quality and climate change are massive health issues, so why not set some rules on fuel efficiency as well?

    Take a step. Leave no footprint.

    In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, give the planet a breath of fresh air. Live a carbon neutral April using our steps below, and see just how empowering and easy it is to reduce your footprint.

    Rural agricultural communities and fragile biospheres are already suffering due to our warming planet. You can stand tall and make powerful statement by reducing your own emission impact and challenging others to do the same. There are a variety of ways to minimize your carbon emissions, and you can offset the rest while giving immediate help to threatened rainforests, rural communities, and energy efficiency efforts.

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