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Energy Savings Fund for Low Income Housing, South Africa

Offset Price: $14.00 per Ton
Region: South Africa
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This project installs solar water heaters, compact fluorescent lighting, solar cookers, better fuels and electricity generation for several low income household communities in South Africa including Welbedacht (KwaZulu-Natal) , Kuyasa (Khayelitsha), and Cato Manor (Umuthi Mayche). These alternative energy supplies are more cost-effective, reduce grid-electricity consumption in the face of an unreliable, dirty energy supply, and decrease emission of greenhouse gases, while also improving the quality of life for residents.

Feedback has been very positive. Resident Mbali Ntuli commented: "The biggest difference is when there is no electricity I can still have warm water." Other residents appreciate the money saved on electricity bills. One young boy mentioned that he loves his solar hot water heater because he no longer has to get up at 4am to collect wood for the fire. Conversion kits are sold at 50% of their cost to interested households, who make their payments via microfinancing with a monthly repayment schedule. Funding from carbon credits and other sources (including USAID) makes up the difference, and pays for ongoing equipment maintenance.

Project Updates

  1. Energy Efficiency Successful and Spreading

    The South African government has shown interest in extending the project to low income housing developments in other regions, provided a stable and sustainable economic model can be demonstrated.

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