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Global Cook Stove Fund

Offset Price: $20.00 per Ton
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According to the world health organization, roughly 3 billion people still cook and heat their homes using solid fuels in open fires and leaky stoves. This produces high levels of indoor air pollution with a range of health-damaging pollutants - up to 100 times higher than acceptable levels. Exposure is particularly high among women and young children, who spend the most time near the stoves.

Fuel gathering consumes considerable time for women and children, limiting other activities and taking children away from school. Non-renewable harvesting of biomass also contributes to deforestation (and climate change.) More efficient cook stoves relieve pressure on forests, while reducing health issues, and freeing up time spend gathering fuel, by drastically reducing fuel needs. But cook stove usage is very localized, and new technology must meet the needs of the users and be culturally appropriate, or it will fail to be used over the long term.

There are a number of initiatives that use VCS, Gold Standard, and other carbon credits to support the manufacturing, distribution, and training programs necessary for the growth of the efficient cookstove sector. This developing world "low tech - clean tech" approach has significant benefits to both people and the planet. Through the global cook stove fund, we support a portfolio of these initiatives.

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