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Forests Projects

Forests are a crucial part of a healthy planet, and help reduce CO2. Our projects preserve and manage existing forests, replant native trees in degraded areas, and protect biodiversity.

  1. Forest Preservation in Belize

    Old growth.

    While Belize is often thought of as a scuba divers paradise, it is also home to many subtropical jungles and rainforests. But these forests are under severe pressure from agricultural expansion by local farm communities, and illegal harvesting of old growth mahogany and other hardwoods.

    $14.00 / Ton
  2. Scolel Te Forests, Mexico

    Maintaining the forest.

    Meaning "the tree that grows", Scolel Te enables over 2000 families of indigenous Mayan and mestizo farmers in Southern Mexico to make a modest income by preserving local forests, and find sources of income which allow them to sustainably use their land. The farmers are establishing tree plantations on land previously used as pasture, growing timber and fruit interspersed with corn and coffee crops, and restoring degraded forest land to return it to a healthy habitat for wildlife and a valuable watershed to prevent erosion.

    Chiapas and Oaxaca, Southern Mexico
    $14.50 / Ton
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