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Fair Trade Projects

Fair trade projects reduce CO2 while also providing a sustainable income for small landholders and farmers in the developing world. By supporting these projects, you bring opportunity to people who otherwise wouldn't have the luxury of putting the planet first.

  1. Trees for Global Benefit, Uganda

    Growers working in a nursery.

    Trees for Global Benefit in Uganda brings opportunity for farmers and small-scale land holders to use their land in a sustainable but profitable manner by creating sustainable forestry and protecting the land for reforestation. Farmer income and technical training offered through the project allows the farmers to protect the land and pursue sustainable agriculture options rather than clear it for intensive farming. The project also encourages biodiversity preservation. Serving as a buffer zone around the Kyambura Wildlife Reserve and several neighboring forest preserves. It protects an extensive equatorial riverine forest, best noted for the resident chimpanzees and an incredibly diverse population of birds, mammals and butterflies.

    $10.50 / Ton
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