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Alternative Energy Projects

Renewable energy projects substitute clean power where fossil fuels would otherwise be used. These alternatives currently cost more, and your offsets reduce CO2 while making clean energy a reality.

  1. Wind Energy in North Dakota

    Photo courtesy of Basin Electric

    In central North Dakota, near the Missouri River, the Wilton windmills stand nearly 300 ft tall and generate enough clean energy to power 30,000 homes. Basin Electric Power Cooperative, a consumer-owned, non-profit energy cooperative headquartered in Bismarck, purchases all the electricity produced at the Wilton Wind Energy Center. Made up of 126 customer-owned rural electricity providers, Basin is also working on possible carbon sequestration and using its wind power to create hydrogen fuel for its vehicles.

    North Dakota now gets most of its electricity from coal, but with the help of renewable energy credits, wind power is becoming an economically viable clean energy alternative.

    North Dakota, USA
    $14.00 / Ton
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