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Offsetting your Carbon Footprint with ClimatePath

Our everyday activities such as driving, flying, home energy use, and even the products we consume all create greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to global warming. Each and every one of us has a "carbon footprint," which is the measure of these emissions. We provide a method of reducing your carbon footprint called "offsetting." You can offset your carbon footprint by contributing to the projects we feature on this site that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The projects we feature follow strict standards, verification, and accounting for the environmental benefits they claim. The climate benefit is measured in "tons of carbon", often referred to as "carbon offsets." Unlike other sellers of carbon credits, we show you exactly which projects your offsets come from, and what each costs.

The following steps describe how to offset your carbon footprint with ClimatePath. Be sure to check out the Conservation section of this site for tips on how to reduce your footprint on a daily basis.

  1. 1. Browse The Projects

    First, browse the Projects section and select projects that mean the most to you. Place each project you choose in the myClimatePortfolio by clicking the project's "Add" button. Up to three projects can be added to the myClimatePortfolio at one time. To review your projects at any time, click the "Projects" tab in the myClimate Portfolio, which is located in the upper right of our website.

  2. 2. Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

    An estimate of your carbon footprint can be calculated by clicking the footprint tab in the upper right corner of the website. Enter the basic information about your home, auto and air travel habits. Based on this information, you will see a carbon footprint total, which is the suggested carbon offset amount in order to become "carbon neutral". You'll also have the option of offsetting just one area of your lifestyle during the checkout process.

  3. 3. Offset Your Lifestyle

    Once you've picked your projects and calculated your footprint, visit the Checkout tab to complete your carbon offset. The first step will allow you to specify the amount you'd like to offset today, and then collect basic billing information. Once complete, you'll have a customized Climate Action page which displays your personal projects, which you can customize to share your thoughts on carbon offsetting and your particular projects with others.

  4. 4. Your Donation Makes a Difference

    Your tax-deductible donation goes to the ClimatePath Ecologic Fund, a sister 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to permanently retire high-quality, real, credible carbon credits. Your donation helps assure that these projects, and more like them, are financially viable and can continue.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.