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Corporate Engagement and Values Measurement

The key to effective environmental social and ethical programs

How we can help

When it comes to effective CSR and ESG programs, the key management issue is customarily seen as one of “engagement”: breakdowns are typically blamed on a disconnect between what company leadership wants, and what employees do. But we have found – through extensive research with employees across many firms – that employees often rate their own interest in social, ethical, and environmental issues higher than the their employers performance in these areas, and don’t always believe that the firm supports the policies that they publically stand behind. Aligning what you say both with what you do and what you communicate to your employees is the key to achieving success as a responsible firm.

ClimatePath offers a comprehensive program to put you on the right path to becoming an authentic values-based firm. This includes:

- Surveying employees and executives on internal practices, activity approval rating, and authenticity.
- Assessing whether reward systems and culture support CSR and ESG activity.
- Benchmarking employee and executive self-assessment vs. our industry database.

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