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Avg. Carbon Footprint: 17 tons

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Offsets and Sustainability Initiatives for Businesses and Organizations

Getting your organization on the right path

How we can help

ClimatePath offers individuals and organizations of all sizes ideas for conservation, assessments of employee engagement with CSR activities, and a connection to projects that produce verifiable and measurable results to reduce greenhouse gasses, while also supporting positive long term change. We can also help model your footprint to pinpoint areas of potential reduction, and even benchmark your footprint against similar organizations or events.

Engagement and values measurement

Are you aligned with your employees in meaningful and authentic environmental, social, and governance initiatives? ClimatePath has developed a set of diagnostic tools for measuring how your stated values line up with what your employees think and do, and a deep database of benchmark metrics.

Business and product footprint calculators

Our website calculator is designed for individual carbon footprint calculation. Footprint variables differ drastically from business to business and for different activities, and any ‘generic business calculator’ will not provide an accurate footprint calculation of a business, event, or product. We have developed a variety of additional calculators for measuring carbon emissions for virtually any organization, event, or activity. Please contact us at 925 297-6017 or email info at and we will assist you with a personalized footprint consultation, project recommendations, and a reduction and offsetting plan.

Carbon neutral brands

ClimatePath has deep expertise in supply chains, consumer markets, CSR, and climate change. Our turnkey approach to helping brands become climate neutral includes footprint modeling, offsetting via mission-based 'green energy' and 'fairtrade carbon' projects that you choose, third party verification, a trust seal, and tools that let your customers view your projects and methodology. We're specifically working on coffee and beer brands at the moment. Learn more here.

Why you should offset with ClimatePath

Going green can be golden. Research shows that over 70% of US consumers want to know about the socially responsible behavior of brands they buy, and over half factor this into their purchase decision. But when you choose to offset the activities associate with your business or brand, you need to do it right, or the goodwill created by your good intentions can quickly tarnish your reputation instead.

ClimatePath works with a nonprofit partner (ClimatePath Ecologic Fund) to develop and adhere to “high bar” standards for the impact of offsets featured on the site. We also focus on projects with added secondary benefits, so your support can also help save biodiversity, preserve watersheds, assist impoverished communities, and create economic opportunity. Because your support goes through a nonprofit, you can be certain of its public benefit.

ClimatePath also believes in radical transparency. Project standards and the details of all of our projects are available, and we offer you a Climate Action Page to allow your customers to see for themselves how you back your green claims. We also have developed a seal for you to use to promote your commitment.

Suggesting Projects

Please don't hesitate to contact us with possible projects we can include in our marketplace. Please be aware that all projects are carefully vetted through both ClimatePath and the ClimatePath Ecologic Fund, and must meet strict guidelines in order to ensure that they have real, measurable and verifiable impact. Send your project inquiry to info at, or call us at 925 297-6017. We look forward to hearing from you!

Custom Carbon Footprint Measurements

Our basic models provide best effort estimates of your carbon footprint, avoiding the "false precision" inherent in many calculators. If you require a more granular, company-specific model, documented report, or custom measure of inputs and outputs for CSR reporting or other purposes, we can assist you on a consulting basis. Please contact us to discuss your project.


  • CSR and ESG Effectiveness

    Organizational assessment, benchmarking, and programs to improve your authenticity and performance in these areas . Learn more

  • Travel Providers

    We welcome the opportunity to work with eco-tourism and sustainable travel providers. Learn more

  • Consumer Product Footprinting

    We are developing open-source, collaborative footprinting models for both coffee and beer. Learn more

  • Green Events

    We offer scoping advice, footprint assessment, verification, and offsetting.
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