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Category: Consumer Action

Take a step. Leave no footprint.

Written By: Katy Foreman | 0 comments | Begin the Discussion

In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, give the planet a breath of fresh air. Live a carbon neutral April using our steps below, and see just how empowering and easy it is to reduce your footprint.

Rural agricultural communities and fragile biospheres are already suffering due to our warming planet. You can stand tall and make powerful statement by reducing your own emission impact and challenging others to do the same. There are a variety of ways to minimize your carbon emissions, and you can offset the rest while giving immediate help to threatened rainforests, rural communities, and energy efficiency efforts.

Ready to take action? The average American footprint is about 1.4 metric tons (3000 lbs) of carbon per month. Calculate yours by using our footprint calculator at

Take a look at our checklist of actions to make your April cleaner and greener. We hope you'll try it's easier than you think!

Six easy steps to a carbon neutral April:

1. Turn the thermostat down two degrees. (saves 150 lbs)
2. Unplug electronics when not in use. (saves 75 lbs)
3. Go meat-free until dinner. (saves 175 lbs)
4. When driving, make smooth starts and stops, and drive slower on the freeway. (saves 200 lbs)
5. Use your dishwasher and washing machines only with full loads, and wash clothes in cold water. (saves 60 lbs)
6. Offset your remaining carbon by picking your favorite project. One or two tons will take you well into the carbon neutral zone.

Aside from living carbon neutral, the first five items will save you over $80, while the last one will cost you around $20. Everybody wins!

It's important to know that not all carbon offsets are created equal. Generic or 'blended' offsets lose track of the crucial co-benefits of the projects, can subsidize 'dirty' industries, or lack credible standards. That's where ClimatePath comes in. We seek out projects that follow established standards and have added benefits that deserve recognition. At ClimatePath, you can feel confident that offsetting works.

Lastly, tell us how you're doing, and share more ideas. Please join the discussion!

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