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About Us

Get to know why we do what we do.

The Idea

ClimatePath is an incubator for identifying and piloting market-based approaches to both conservation and climate change.

Neither consumers nor businesses place an adequate value on environmental benefits, nor do they fully the consider the environmental costs of current consumption and business practices. This is an unsustainable path, and our mission is to find new solutions that capture the value of conservation, preservation, and healthy ecosystems.

Our first program allows individuals and businesses to offset their emissions by financially supporting projects with climate and additional (bio-diversity, community, health) benefits, including energy retrofitting, re-forestation, and efficient cookstoves. We developed the transparent web based marketplace at, and created a non-profit fund for the support of these projects. This is coupled with footprinting/measurement services for both individuals and businesses, since you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

We also work with businesses to help them offer transparency, consider the options and trade-offs, and more accurately represent their impact.

We are currently working on methods for making natural forests long-term economically sustainable, and how to develop financial instruments that would encourage investment in them (merging financial capital with natural capital.)

The bottom line is that we believe in the power of and– economic and environmental progress – rather than the tyranny of or.

The Team

ClimatePath was formed by two consumer internet and social enterprise veterans.

  • Dave Rochlin

    Dave has an extensive background in the international NGO and social enterprise sector, as well as in technology, consumer products, and consulting. Dave was previously COO of the NGO Fair Trade USA, a four-time winner of Fast Company/Monitor’s social capital award, and leading certifier and enabler of ethical commerce solutions designed to alleviate global poverty. He started ClimatePath with the idea that the principals of transparency and sustainable development that underlie fair trade can also be applied to climate and conservation, and that consumers and businesses can work together to lead change.

    Dave has held key executive positions with several fast growing Internet pioneers, including helping to build, grow, and eventually sell businesses to Hollywood Video and Earthlink, and placing companies on both the Deloitte 50 and INC 500 lists. He has also been a brand manager and big four consultant.

    He combines a Berkeley upbringing with an MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern to bring a pragmatic approach to the idea of sustainable business and natural capitalism. Dave speaks and writes frequently on green business, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability, and has also published a textbook on technology strategy. He has taught both innovation strategy and ethics in the executive MBA program at St. Mary’s College, and currently runs the popular applied innovation program and project course at the Haas School at UC Berkeley. He is a board member of both the Lindsay Wildlife Museum and the International Tropical Conservation Fund – North America (previously known as ClimatePath Ecologic Fund.)

  • Katy Foreman

    Katy has over a decade of web related operations product management experience, both in managing technical and customer operations, and user experience and back end development projects. Before co-founding ClimatePath, Katy managed the web and web strategies for TransFair USA, including streamlining workflow, introducing new advocacy programs, and managing partnerships with Ebay, Google, and She also managed the roll out of the Whole Foods “Whole Trade” program, which has integrated sustainability into Whole Foods overall product procurement strategy.

    Katy is a committed naturalist, and lives a sustainable lifestyle whenever possible. She has a degree in Astrophysics from the University of Washington, is a community sustainability advocate and wildlife rehabilitation volunteer.

  • Board and Advisors

    Our advisors include:
    Charlotte Opal, Chair of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels at the Energy Center at EPFL (Lausanne)
    Dr. Sascha Von Meier, the Director of the Environmental Technology Center (ETC) at Sonoma State University
    Peter Micciche, CEO of Certain Software
    Sheeraz Haji, Managing Partner of The Cleantech Group

    We also have gotten advice and feedback from The University of California Energy Institute (Catherine Wolfram), The University of California Transportation Center (Lee Schipper), UC Berkeley’s Energy and Resource Group (Gene Rochlin), and a host of other individual experts and organizations involved in different aspects of the fight against climate change, including EcoTrust, The Conservation Fund, and Rainforest Alliance.

The Details

ClimatePath provides web and media services to encourage conservation activities and support for carbon reducing projects worldwide. Moral/ethical obligations aside, supporting these projects is a voluntary and philanthropic activity, and is therefore best accomplished through a non-profit partner organization, called the ClimatePath Ecologic Fund. Your donations to retire carbon offsets are made directly to and through the Fund. The Fund retains a small portion of the donation to cover expenses, and the rest is passed on to the project provider.

All carbon offsets purchased in this manner are immediately and permanently retired in the name of ClimatePath Ecologic Fund on your behalf. ClimatePath Ecologic Fund is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, making all donations tax deductible.

Contact Us

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    We welcome you to contact us by phone at 925 297-6017.

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    We welcome you to contact us by email at info at